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CuddleUp is a cuddling for hire service, connecting local Cuddlers and Cuddlees. Simply browse available Cuddlers in your area.


Cuddling is a great way to improve happiness and release stress-easing oxytocin, reducing blood pressure and improving overall health.

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Cuddle at the movies, on a beach, or simply hug it out in the comfort of your home! CuddleUp lets you enjoy the emotional rewards of a cuddle with no strings attached.

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We all desire touch, and CuddleUp provides an easy to use service that lets you connect with real people!
John Vancouver, BC
Living in the city, it’s hard to meet people and I ended up feeling lonely and alone. CuddleUp has allowed me to connect with people and get my cuddling fix.
Alistair New York City, NY
What’s not to love? All of the cuddles I crave with none of the commitment.
Sarah Seattle, WA
I didn’t realize how much I missed cuddling until I used CuddleUp. Now I look forward to my weekly cuddling session. Thank you!
Nigel Chicago, IL