Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mixed Race
Body Type
Zodiak Sign
He is a cuddler
He offers cuddling services
$50 - $99 / hour
Willing to travel
Interested in Men and Women
Recently moved to vancouver. and probably wont turn down a good BJ :). looking for a cuddle buddy- someone to sit in my arms and watch a movie, have a meal, picnic date, fall asleep in my arms. love to sleep with someone in my arms.- and if all goes well we can get into activities- hikes, beaches, biking..even dancing? if thats what u like. Im twenty five, five ft ten one forty lbs (so avg slim built), dark mix. steak and beer kinda person. . Im HIV neg, and STI/drug clean, no bugs- i dont expect everyone to be STI or drug/substance free, if you are, just let me know. thats all. life happens. Im more on the big spoon side, more on the top side, and more the protector and provider of my space- i have my own place, own car, good job, take care of myself and people i care about. and i definitely appreciate artistic people. I am an absolute drive a holic. long spontaenous road trips and travel ventures seem to happen very frequently for me. Gender variant persons are fine to. (what is gender? lol) People who can cook are great (cuz i can eat lol) bottoms who like to take care of their man is also appreciated (though i dont have much needs- LOTS of wants- but not much needs). One of those needs is that I need someone with great hygene- i really need that :( im a big cuddler and make out person, hopleless old school romantic- so u got to know how to suck tongue lol (amazing how many people dont know how to kiss- yes, ive kissed a lot of people). I am who I am and thats that, I am a very strong personality type. so u gotta be able to deal with that. values are important. intentions are important. be good to yourself and the people around you.

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