Vancouver, BC, Canada
White / Caucasian
Body Type
Zodiak Sign
She is a cuddler
She offers cuddling services
$100 + / hour
Interested in Men and Women

My name is Violet. I joined this site because I believe in the healing properties of human contact (cuddling).

I will not be able to do overnights as I like to get up early, unless you are a really good person and I feel safe with you and that would be at my place. The price will have to be discussed.

I am not comfortable with meeting at anyone's place outside of Vancouver for cuddling until I get to know you and feel safe.

For activities, travelling is okay so long as I know what we are doing and it will be safe and the location isn't too far. There will have to be a fee for travelling outside of Vancouver, and any distance that is more than 30 minutes away from where I live even if that location is within Vancouver. I live near the Commercial & Broadway Skytrain Station. I will travel using public transport, not your vehicle, unless I feel safe, which might take a while.

This will be looked at as a job. I am not looking for love, a relationship, or friendship. I do hope that when we are hanging out the we can still have fun.


*Please have payment ready at the beginning.*

$50 per hour for actives that can include going to a movie, dinner or for a walk. Any tickets are to be covered by you.

$100 per hour for cuddling.
$125 per hour for skin to skin (me wearing shorts and a tank top)

If that sounds good to you, feel free to message me.

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