Mississauga, ON, Canada
Mixed Race
Body Type
Zodiak Sign
She is a cuddler
She offers cuddling services
$100 + / hour
Willing to travel
Interested in Men and Women
Hi, I'm Nixi :)

We all need love, acceptance, and connection. We're social beings, and this need for connection is part of our physical, emotional and spiritual DNA. Touch plays an important role in strengthening our ability to communicate, help us fight anxiety and depression, and have good health overall. That's where I come in!

About me:
I love all people, and that includes you :) For many years I was an entertainer and now I teach ESL to kids in foreign countries. I love to dance, make art and music, and talk about space and life and anything under the sun. I love learning about people and seeing people smile. I think it's so important to make time to relax, leave work early, bond with other people, and let yourself be true and free. Express yourself. :)
If you feel like you are lacking some of those special connections in your life, or just want somebody to spend some personal one-on-one affectionate time with, I want to be there for you.
We accept the love we think we deserve, and I want to remind you you are worth so much.

How to schedule a session:
Just send me a message! Tell me a bit about yourself. Give me an idea of a date and time and a scenario you would like to make happen. I will contact you as soon as possible and we can begin scheduling our session. {Please allow at least one day's notice if you would like a session asap -please don't ask me for a same-day session right off the bat.}

My rate:
$100 per hour plus $40-50 travel depending on location
*if you are someone who works a minimum wage job, we can work out a PWYC scenario* :)

Can I talk during my session?
-It is completely up to you. I am more than happy to have a conversation with you!

What if I become aroused?
-Don't worry! It is completely natural. We can take a break, talk about it, or shift our positions. It's all good.

Where do we cuddle?
-We can cuddle in your home, or at another location we decide on.

Do we have to only cuddle?
-I will do what it takes to bring you happiness through platonic companionship. This means we can give each other massages, play games, have a meal, or anything else we can think of, as long as it's mutually platonic.

How is payment handled?
-Payment is given at the beginning of the session in cash, or through e-transfer.

Is cuddling a therapy?
-Yes, it is an alternative therapy known as "touch therapy" and it has many health benefits.

What if I get uncomfortable and wish to stop?
-You are free to stop the session at any time for any reason

What clothing should I wear during my session?
-You may wear anything that you find comfortable as long as you think it's appropriate. For those who crave maximum skin-to-skin, shorts and a t-shirt is great.

What are "the rules"?
-Clothes stay on; no sexual or romantic intentions; physical companionship only; we can watch movies but no rom-com or romance; if you're not sure if something is ok to do, just ask if it's ok (ex. can I give you a kiss on your forehead?). Mutual consent is cool!

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile! Hope to meet you soon! Feel free to shoot me a wink ;)

Love always,

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