Toronto, ON, Canada
White / Caucasian
Body Type
Zodiak Sign
She is a cuddler
She offers cuddling services
$50 - $99 / hour
Willing to travel
Interested in Men and Women
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....One of my favourite lyrics is "Try a little tenderness" from Otis Redding.

Tenderness can come in many forms - whether it is genuine listening, compassion and kindness, or, the reason that probably brings most of you here -- cuddling :)
I think the most authentic side of ourselves comes out when we let ourselves be vulnerable, let down our guard, and trust others. Being close to one another requires this. And when we do let go, and manage to have ourselves a good cuddle (or a hug, or even just a handhold), it can do all kinds of amazing things for our brain (enter dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin -- all the feel good stuff!), not to mention that intimacy and touch is proven to boost our immune system, and help us sleep (cuddling is said to be more effective than sleeping pills!)

So...Shall we?

Ps. If you're lucky I may throw in a nice back rub - I've been told that I'm quite good :)

PLEASE NOTE: I will not answer to winks, or messages that just say "hey". Not interested in prolonged chats, just in prospect cuddlees who are serious about meeting and paying for the time they enjoy with me, so pls. tell me what you're looking for (when, how long, if you can host) so I have reason to reply.

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