Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mixed Race
Body Type
Zodiak Sign
He is a cuddler
He offers cuddling services
$50 - $99 / hour
Willing to travel
Interested in Men
Lauan Fijian/ Ainu Japanese/ Black American/ Cherokee Indian Queer Art & Events Curator/ Movement Artist from Vancouver. Connection isn’t about anything that can be easily categorized. Cultivating a non-sexual comfort/attraction/connection is a must for me. I get a lot more emotionally through shared smiles and physical intimacy than through sexual intimacy alone. Ageism, racism, gender biases, body fascism, etc. Are all things that I don’t tolerate. I dislike profiles that exclude people based on race, size, gender expression, status, “Masculinity” etc. Criticizing or excluding someone for any aspect of their body or personality that isn’t toxic, is a huge turn off to me. Confidence is sexy, but arrogance and elitism isn’t.

Attracted to confident relaxed men, people with opinions, ideas and imagination. Not here to judge your masculinity, be all the best that you can be. Preference for local men, unless you’re traveling/ visiting shortly or arranging my next flight to visit you. I’m not interested in long distance relationships but find value in establishing relationships with people alike from around the world as I may potentially be in a city/town near you, vise versa. I don’t have a specific type, and I like all ethnicities or anyone that can engage and stimulate me in ways beyond just physical. Not looking for endless chat, I prefer eventual face-to-face interaction. Please have a clear face picture. Have some integrity---no flakes.

Friends, hangout, spontaneity. hmu.

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