Vancouver, BC, Canada
White / Caucasian
Body Type
A little extra
Zodiak Sign
She is a cuddler
She offers cuddling services
$50 - $99 / hour
Interested in Men and Women
Spoonie Snuggles:
I am here for the spoonies, the disabled and chronically ill folks, the cripplepunks, the queers, the trans and nonbinary folks. I'm here for the folks who are on their self-love journeys who want to be accepted for exactly who they are right here, right now-- who want not to be judged or compared to others, and who want to be honoured, seen, and held, and told "everything's gonna be okay."

Touch takes and gives energy - acknowledge your capacity to care for yourself and honour your health and wellbeing by giving yourself permission to hire a cuddler like you would a hair stylist, counsellor, or personal trainer.

Please let me know how I can meet your cuddling needs. I am a great listener, I have a degree in linguistics and psychology and can share my expertise in those areas while we cuddle. For example if you need help with the confidence or clarity of your voice or accent, I can assist you by providing observations and feedback if requested. If you are meeting short term needs with a cuddler but would like help cultivating your communication skills to make more lasting friendships, or to meet your needs to help you have a closer romantic relationship, I can work with you on those goals.

My availability is within the hours of 9-4, Monday to Friday.

I am a woman with tattoos, soft curves and short hair. I am short and petite in general, and about 10 lbs in the "overweight" category.

Clothing stays on at all times, cuddling is purely platonic in nature.

I am a disabled queer living with fibromyalgia, which is a condition that makes my entire body very sensitive to touch. Sometimes my muscles spasm so I need to move frequently to get comfortable. Cuddling can be very healing for both myself and the other participant. Cuddling is a great way to reduce stress and boost the immune system for both participants. I have heating pads/magic bags, pillows, blankets, and a very big comfy couch to meet our cuddling needs. I also have a great music collection on vinyl (lots of jazz), and a small TV with Netflix access. If you like listening to stories or poetry, I can read to you from any book you like. I had led stress-reduction workshops including meditation exercises and I have been told my voice is very soothing and relaxing. If you are interested, I have an at-home aerial yoga hammock and inversion table which are perfect for stretching and to facilitate relaxation and reduce stress levels. Our first meeting will be at a coffee shop on the Drive to assess compatibility, goals and boundaries, afterwards I will host cuddles at my place which is on Commercial Drive.

I have a short haired cat. If coming during breakfast or lunch hours, I can feed you if requested - I cook using whole foods only (vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free). Let me know if you'll be joining me for breakfast or lunch so I can plan ahead and make enough food for both of us. Often a hearty, healthy home-made meal followed by stimulating conversation and a soothing cuddle can totally renew a person.

Cannabis patients are welcome to medicate on the covered balcony.

Accessibility Note:
My building's front entrance has 5 steps with a handrail. The steps have a platform halfway up. There is an elevator to my floor and no further stairs or steps. Please do not wear perfume or cologne when meeting with me as it causes allergic reactions.

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