Vancouver, BC, Canada
White / Caucasian
Body Type
A little extra
Zodiak Sign
He is a cuddler
He offers cuddling services
$50 - $99 / hour
Willing to travel
Interested in Women
Hey fellow cuddlers and cuddlees,
I'm Sam, a die hard cuddler living in Vancouver. Think I'll tell you a little bit about myself here, just so you can get an idea of why cuddling is one of my best talents. I am a strong proponent that there is something special about physical contact. I have seen first hand how even a small pat on the back or simply grabbing someones hand and telling them it's okay can turn their entire day around. It is this belief that has always made me a touchy, sympathetic, attentive, and caring individual. Believing strongly in this led me to found the UBC hugs society, which has the goal of ensure no huggers on the university campus will be left hugless again. Everytime I hug a friend I make sure its a proper hug with two arms and a good firm hold and I believe cuddles need to be done the same way, no half assing it!

I am an active person, like to get outside and explore as much as possible. But am always down to get cozy on the couch and watch a movie / documentary. My favourite movies are "The Way", "Into the Wild" and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and my favourite documentaries are, "Life in a Day" and "Happy" and all of the BBC Planet earth Series. I am studying Conservation Biology at UBC and am hoping to turn that into a career in research and maybe even become a professor. Whatever the case I would like my job to have me outside a lot of the time.

I love to talk and to listen and be there for people when they need it. There is something about building human connection that just fuels me with joy.
So in summary if you need a cuddle, let me know I would love to be there for you :)

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