Abbotsford, BC, Canada
White / Caucasian
Body Type
A little extra
Zodiak Sign
She is a cuddler
She offers cuddling services
$10 - $25 / hour
Interested in Men and Women
Let's see, where do I start?
I'm a spiritualist and a witch (but not the green kind, and I don't melt in the rain). I'm also a hairstylist, but I have been working from home since October.
I love music, especially classic rock and Broadway showtunes. If you don't want me singing along, don't play it. Or just ask nicely, of course.
I love to read. Fantasy and horror are my favourites, but I do also enjoy a nonfiction now and then to keep me grounded.
Sometimes I feel like a walking cliche, with all the stupid quips and nonsense I tend to spout.
I'm a huge movie fan, and I love Netflix! It's too easy to get lost in a show, though. I binged Downton Abbey and didn't leave my apartment til it was finished. It was a problem, really.
I'm a cat lover, I crochet and spin my own wool just for fun. Medieval reenactment is another thing I do, now and then.

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