Vancouver, BC, Canada
White / Caucasian
Body Type
Zodiak Sign
She is a cuddler
She offers cuddling services
$26 - $49 / hour
Interested in Men
i drink French reds in winter, BC whites in the summer. i'm soft and warm, i smell like a bubble bath and i love to snuggle up, especially on the couch in front of a good movie or just listening to some music. i can cuddle you either in English or French, comme tu veux.

i'll stroke your hair or massage scented oil on your temples, if you like. i charge $50/hour for a cuddle session. as soon as you arrive, please pay me in advance to reserve my time. and then, away we go! spooning! movies! pizza! total relaxation.

i offer totally professional cuddling. it's sweet and it feels wonderful! i have several regular clients, so i must be doing something right. i promise you that it's clean, it's safe, it's therapeutic. i highly recommend you try it :)

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