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New York, NY Athletic Leo
Location: Near Union Square, Manhattan, New York.

ABOUT: I am a social butterfly and will adapt to your personality naturally. If you're outgoing, I'll be even more energetic. If you're more...
Location: Near Union Square, Manhattan, New York.

ABOUT: I am a social butterfly and will adapt to your personality naturally. If you're outgoing, I'll be even more energetic. If you're more quiet, I'll lower my voice to match yours. I am ambitious, adventurous, amiable, and affectionate.
I am into theatre, writing, film, drumming, and business. I am currently learning how to sing as well. Lifestyle: Spirtiual, vegan, mindfulness, Judaism, pacifism, self help.
Bucket List (You're more than welcome to help me check these off!)
•Train in Krav Maga
•Visit the Museum of Sex
•Shoot footage on a city rooftop
•Ride in a helicopter
•Go skydiving.
•If you had a superpower what would it be and why?
I would duplicate myself tenfold so I can cuddle everyone!
•Any rules?
Yes, I follow these rules closely. https://www.cuddlecomfort.com/media/contracts/CC_Client_Service_Agreement.pdf
•Who do you cuddle?
I cuddle everyone regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, and lifestyle. They must be respectful, have good hygiene, and be ready for cuddles.
•Is Zelda your authentic identity?
As blunt as I am, I do possess a mysterious streak. Who knows?
•Why do you cuddle?
I am currently in a new phase of life and seek mental and spiritual connection from others. It is my mission to bring happiness even if they break a smirk for at least ten minutes of their day. Those very ten minutes may mean the universe to them.
•What do you wear during a session?
Typically I wear a t shirt and shorts.
•What is a session with you like?
Please refer to my "karma." My previous cuddling sessions have been described as bliss of relaxation and personalized attention. I am in tune with you and I am mentally there for you. I put every ounce of blood I have into the cuddling session so it's safe, comfortable, and of course enjoyable.
•How do we keep in touch?
Message me.
•Are you able to travel to my location?
Yes. Mind you, I am a college student Mondays-Thursdays. However, you should message me and we can work a session out.

Choose your cuddling dreams!
•Pre-cuddling Skype consultation (as a warm up)
•Instructional couples session
•Play music of any genre
•Listen to repeatable, spoken affirmations from me or from a recording.
•Experience platonic cuddling positions of desire.
•Watch a movie/television show of any desire.
•Eat food whilst cuddling
•Speak Intellectual to silly conversations.
•Practice yoga cuddling.
•Practice visualization.
•Perform mediation.
•Take a nap.
•Recieve a platonic massage.
•Play video games
•Play board games.
•Be listened to attentively.
•Maybe I could sing you a lullaby?

Cuddling rates [In effect as of 10/3/17]
Per hour - Customized cuddling experience (To be discussed)
$400/night - SAVE $100, six hours in total
Traveling - Extra $20-500 based on traveling fare.

$80 for one hour - [$160 VALUE] Receive the next one hour session for 30% OFF - Save $24!
$700/month - [$3000 VALUE] Unlimited cuddling sessions. Ends October 9! Includes:
•Day sessions (One-Two hours)
•Overnight sessions (Six hours)
•Commuting expenses
•Cuddling for your birthday
•Emergency cuddles within the next six hours guaranteed.
•Schedule appointments first BEFORE other clients
•Similar to the functions of RentAFriend.com, I am able to do, for example, shopping errands, cleaning, work out with you, go to events such as concerts, meet ups, protests, etc.
•Receieve a list of places to stay which are low in cost.
•As a believer in the achievement of dreams, I will help you achieve yours (fitness, career wise, mentally, socially, etc.)
•Recieve access to my social media to stay connected.
•Be the first to read my ebook about cuddling.
•Recieve a thorough and raw cuddling review on your profile.
•Recieve notifications when I am in your area hands free.
Sundays-Thursdays. $300/night - [$480 VALUE) (6 hours in total)
Book one overnight session (6 hours), then receive another overnight session (6 hours) session 100% free Fridays and Saturdays only [$960 VALUE]
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