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25 White / Caucasian
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Las Vegas, NV 5'2'' Average Leo
I'm Aubrey, Support Human and Connection Enthusiast! I possess a feminine, nurturing, and kinesthetic nature. ⁣My intention is to provide holisitic service that improves your sense of wellbeing,... I'm Aubrey, Support Human and Connection Enthusiast! I possess a feminine, nurturing, and kinesthetic nature. ⁣My intention is to provide holisitic service that improves your sense of wellbeing, relaxation, and feelings of social connectedness.

I offer healthy moral support to those coping with various hardships including stress, social isolation, low self esteem, relationship struggles, or who just need a little tender affection!

I faciliate a safe space of unconditional, non-judgemental acceptance, clear communication and consensual touch.

We actively practice and uphold informed consent in our interaction which empowers us to take responsibility over our personal authority and to safely, uninhibitedly connect. We agree to honor eachother's "yes" or "no" and terms within the Code of Conduct and Consent Form.

Let's find the ways we can indulge in our mutually desired forms of intimacy while insisiting we take care of ourselves first and foremost!⁣

I firmly believe I was made for this work ! I'm fascinated by relational neuroscience, social dynamics, and psychology.⁣

⁣Safe touch, social connection, and personal development helped me re-associate my preconceived fears, break down my barriers and enabled me to experience life and be receptive to connecting with others.

I wonder how cuddle sessions might positively impact your life!

*Other Special Interests/Skills* Massage, Tantra, NLP, Relationships, Emotional Support.

Human face-to-face connectedness is vital. We're hardwired for close knit relationships and all desire to feel valued, appreciated, and safe. ⁣
It's all too easy to become socially isolated and deprived of healthy, meaningful relations with others in today's world. Studies have linked chronic loneliness to a higher chance of certain illnesses. Regular cuddle sessions can lower stress and improve feelings associated with loneliness.

Many of us are unconsciously chronically stuck in our sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system states given our extremely productive, stressful lives and daily responsibilities.

Cuddling and social connection activites our social engagement system (ventral vagal state), releasing feel-good oxytocin that makes us relaxed as we decrease our defense responses. ☮ In this state of safety, we're more able to be present, oriented the enviornment and to connect, rest and recooperate. The more you experience the rewards of cuddling, the more you’ll associate social interaction and touch as a positive, pressure free experience!⁣

Regular sessions may make your relationships profoundly more fulfilling, healthy, enduring and authentic.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ LET'S CUDDLE ♥
Incall sessions are in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas in my cuddle studio.⁣

During the initial few minutes, we'll chat about session protocol and begin to design our session while we sip on hot tea ☕ or water on the sofa before entering my cuddle space. ⁣

There will be relaxing music and optional aromatherapy to create a peaceful ambiance where we will have a restorative time together.⁣

I have 2 free roam cats during my incall sessions. They are the perfect cuddle addition!

We'll connect organically and discover what feels best in each other's presence and embrace.

My desire is for you to let go of all the obligations, inhibitions and stresses occupying your mind 24/7 and bring you into the present moment where we can authentically connect.⁣ Each session is customized and is all about YOU! So I encourage you to search within yourself to find what exactly you'd like out of the session and to communicate openly about your needs so I may make it a truly therapeutic experience.

We can curl up, take a relaxing nap, try out different positions, have great conversation or enjoy in the moments of silent, meditative sensory presence.⁣

I recommend you book me for 2+ hours because, anything less wouldn't be enough! ⁣
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