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What is

We are a website offering safe, healthy companionship through cuddling. Some of our Cuddlers charge for their services, while others cuddle for free. Through our platform, we connect users with a match of their choice and let them experience a sense of enlightenment and well being through cuddling.

What does CuddleUp offer?

We offer innocent companionship. There are plenty of sites out there offering other types of services, but offers innocent companionship through cuddling.

Is cuddling safe?

Cuddling can be a safe and fun activity if practiced the right way. Safety should always be your number one priority.
We have verification checks in place which are available to all our users for free. We strongly recommend only chatting with users who are verified. If you are chatting with a user who is not verified, encourage them to get verified, it is free! More info can be found in our verification guideline.
Additional steps you can take…
Choose a public location to meet first. Chat at a coffee shop, or grab a bite to eat. Remember; cuddling doesn't only mean lying on a couch together spooning. It also can mean simply meeting for a quick coffee or snack and enjoying one another’s company. Meeting at a place where you are in a safe environment as your first meeting is recommended. As an additional measure for your first meeting, consider letting a friend know where, when, and for how long you will be and have them follow up with you after.

Where should I Cuddle?

Cuddle at the movies, on a beach, or simply hug it out in the comfort of your home! lets you enjoy the emotional rewards of a cuddle with no strings attached.

Why is cuddling good?

Read our blog post on that

I have a problem / found a bug / have a suggestion

Use our contact form, we'll be glad to hear any feedback


What is

We are a website offering safe cuddling experiences. Through our platform, we connect users with a match of their choice and let them experience a sense of enlightenment and well being through cuddling.

What's the difference between a Cuddler and a Cuddlee?

A Cuddler is the user who is offering their cuddling experiences.
A Cuddlee is the user looking for someone to cuddle with.

I am a Cuddlee: How do I find someone to Cuddle?

Simply set up a profile on CuddleUp. When asked, select to sign up as a cuddlee. After signing up you can browse through our listing of available local Cuddlers. Once you find someone that you would like to meet for a cuddling session, contact him or her through CuddleUp to arrange a time and place to cuddle.

I am a Cuddler: How do I offer cuddling experiences?

Interested in sharing the warmth of human connection? offers a welcoming platform to offer cuddling experiences. Here, you can easily connect with individuals seeking a friendly cuddle. The process of joining is straightforward, allowing you to showcase your offering of comforting, platonic companionship to those looking for a warm, human connection.

Can anyone become a Cuddler?

Yes. Just signup and create a profile and messages Cuddlees in your area.

Why do I need to verify my account?

Verified users on our platform enjoy enhanced trust and reliability within our community. By completing the verification process, you demonstrate your commitment to creating a safe and trustworthy environment. This can lead to more meaningful and comfortable connections.

Why don't I see any users in my area?

Firstly make sure your search distance is broad and that you don't have too many search filters enabled. If still you do not see any users then we apologize and kindly ask that you check back again in a few days. We are a new site and are still growing and adding new users everyday. In the mean time why don't you like us on facebook and share our site with your friends to help our community grow faster!

What are CuddleUp’s minimum age requirements?

To use, you must be 18 years of age or older.

Do you send emails? Can I unsubscribe?

CuddleUp may send you a number of notification emails, for example if someone messages you while you are offline. To disable several email types or unsubscribe completely just login to your account and go to your Notification Settings page

How do I delete my account?

We are sorry to see you go. Just login and go to Settings / Privacy. You can delete your account from there.


I have a question about Premium Features

If you have problems paying or questions regarding past payments, please contact us and let us know immediately. You can also contact our authorized sales Agent CCBill.


Why do I need to verify my account?

Verification is setup to build trust between users. When users are Verified they are more likely to get more booking requests and confirmed dates!

How much does it cost to verify my account?

Verification is FREE, simply go to your Verified Page to start the process. Its Fast, Free and Easy.

What are the Verification options?

You can get Verified by Facebook, Email, SMS and by Uploading a Picture. We encourage all users to verify their accounts!

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