Ready to Meet a Beautiful Cuddler?

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Ready to CuddleUp? Here is Everything You Need to Know!

Congrats on taking your first step towards becoming an awesome cuddler! Now that you’ve set up your profile, follow these simple tips to make the most out of your new business.

Understand who you meet

Firstly, be comfortable with the task at hand. Someone is asking you to hang out or cuddle because they are missing human connection in their life, or perhaps they simply need a companion to watch a movie. That being said, be sure that whoever you meet is someone that you can be comfortable and safe with.


Safety should always be your number one priority. Choose a public location to meet first. Chat at a coffee shop, or grab a bite to eat. Remember, cuddling isn’t just lying on a couch together spooning. It also can mean simply meeting for a quick coffee or snack and enjoying each other’s company. As an additional measure, for your first cuddling session, consider letting a friend know where, when, and for how long you will be away and have them follow up with you after.

Have an exit route

Upon meeting someone, be clear you know exactly where you are and how you are getting home. Plan how you will exit the premises in advance. Do not go anywhere unknown or where you feel un-easy. Safety must always be your top priority.

Trust your instincts

Ask yourself if you feel comfortable. Within minutes you should be able to recognize if the engagement is safe and headed the right direction for the purpose stated. If you feel the need to conclude things due to bad behaviour or have a bad gut feeling simply leave the premises and inform us of your experience as soon as you are in a safe environment.

Plan your Cuddle session

If meeting at your house we suggest putting on some comfy, clean clothes and providing a relaxing, un-intimidating environment for the cuddling to take place. If you have any pets be sure to advise people you meet in advance to be courteous of potential allergies or fears. Again, comfort level is key when it comes to having a great experience.

Have great emotional intelligence

Know some background information prior to meeting in person. Are they lonely? Have they recently experienced a divorce or break up? Maybe they are just wanting to experience talking to someone new. Know why they need someone to cuddle with. Be the best cuddler possible and understand people need this service for many different reasons. Understand why and try your best to help them through good communication or ethical touch.